The 10 Most Read Posts on the TrialHub Blog in 2020

2020 took all of us by surprise. No one could have anticipated the global crisis created by Covid-19. Working from home while homeschooling young children suddenly became the norm for most of us and we had to quickly shift our priorities, mindsets, and habits in order to keep on top of things. 

The clinical trials industry had to change as well. The shift toward decentralized trials – an innovative patient-centric way to conduct research that had long been awaiting its turn – became noticeable even in the topics trial planning professionals searched for.

TrialHub saw this as an opportunity to support feasibility and patient recruitment experts in the uncharted territory of virtual and hybrid clinical trials. This October we announced the first global database of virtual trials and investigators with experience. Now on TrialHub, you can find out which virtual trial components have been used in your indication, in which countries, and which investigators with experience you can partner with.

Finding the right providers, however, is up to you. To help your selection, we composed lists of providers that are still among the most popular pages on our blog.

Take a look at the top 10 posts experts like you were reading in 2020.

10. The Benefits and Barriers of Decentralized Clinical Trials

No matter how much scientifically advanced medication a company is developing, at the end of the day, clinical trials are a “postcode lottery” for those that need the treatment the most. This is why decentralized clinical trials can benefit both patients and sponsors so much. 

9. The Do’s and Don’ts of Direct-to-Patient Recruitment

Direct-to-Patient recruitment can be the answer to one of the most pressing issues in clinical research – recruiting enough patients on-time. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts to consider in order to reach patients and earn their trust.

8. Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions for Clinical Trials

If you are planning on taking your trial virtual or remote, you might be considering patient monitoring solutions. We composed a list of platforms and devices geared towards healthcare providers but designed with the patient in mind to help you find the best option for your trial.

7. Home Healthcare Service Providers, Europe

In times of a pandemic that quarantined all of us at home, however, patients involved in clinical trials can also benefit from home healthcare services, all the while allowing researchers to keep collecting data. Here’s a list of providers in Europe.

6. What makes organizing virtual/decentralized clinical trials difficult?

Data on virtual trials was more difficult to catalog and analyze for feasibility purposes until TrialHub launched the first database of trials with virtual components. Yet, this is only part of what makes virtual trials so hard to organize.

5. List of Digital Patient Recruitment Providers

Patient recruitment is one of the pitfalls of clinical research – with many trials failing to enroll enough participants, the right patient recruitment strategy can make or break your study. Digital patient recruitment can not only solve this issue but also accelerate your clinical trial to help make up for lost time.

4. Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials: 6 Solutions for Your Study

Remote monitoring reduces costs and enables you to meet timelines even without the dangers of a global crisis looming over your trial. In this post, we’ve listed 6 remote monitoring providers.

3. List of ePro/eCOA Solutions

Digital alternatives to capturing patient-reported outcomes from a matter of convenience quickly transformed into a life-saver for your trial once Covid-19 made patients stay at home and forced many studies to go virtual.

2. List of Virtual/Remote clinical trial providers

From recruiting participants to designing their virtual experience, remote trial providers and technology have become not just a nice-to-have but a must-have in the new normal. 

1. List of eConsent Solutions for Clinical Trials

Obtaining remote consent like many other solutions listed on the TrialHub blog was before Covid-19 a way to ensure better patient comprehension and higher retention rates.

TrialHub now supports The First Global Database of Decentralized Clinical Trials and Experienced InvestigatorsOn TrialHub you can identify:

– which virtual/remote trial components have been used in your indication;
– in which countries these components have been approved;
– who you can learn from and partner with.
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