Home Healthcare Services for Your Virtual Clinical Trial: Europe

Home healthcare services are usually explored as an option for the elderly or people with disabilities. In times of a pandemic that quarantined all of us at home, however, patients involved in clinical trials can also benefit from them, all the while allowing researchers to keep collecting data. From administering drugs at home to monitoring patients, those involved in clinical trials can use all available resources to keep their study going. Below you will find a list of in-home care providers (some specifically geared towards the industry) that you can rely on in the time of COVID-19.

If you want to learn more about the European homecare landscape, Home Care Across Europe is a really good but quite lengthy read.

United Kingdom

Medical Research Network

This provider is geared towards clinical trials. Their services include home trial support and site nurse support in a patient-centred way. Geographically, they can help locations in Europe, Asia and North America. Their European locations include the UK, Spain and Germany. 

Illingworth Research

Based in the UK, this global network provides support to more than 40 countries by bringing clinical trial visits to the patients. They are determined to keep trials on track even during the COVID-19 pandemic and are continuously monitoring and reviewing all guidelines to ensure that the actions they take as an organisation are in line with these procedures.

Woodley Trial Solutions

Woodley supports clinical trials by supplying equipment to patient homes or visiting nurses. This global organisation has offices in the North West of England and New York, USA. They cover Full Transportation – including global shipments, collections and return service for Investigator sites; Tracking & Visibility – all shipments are tracked at every stage through to delivery process; “On- Call” Consumables – the timely supply of consumables for the duration of the study; Equipment Management – including the storage, re-calibration and refurbishment of all equipment. 



This in-home health care provider is specialised in services geared towards clinical trials. Their direct to/from Patient (DTP/DFP) services are meant to enhance patient centricity in clinical research and bring the industry closer to a virtual trial landscape.


Advita is among the biggest home care providers in the country. They offer mobile care and nursing and although their services seem to prioritize the elderly, in practice all patients can benefit from them and they cover a big part of the country, including Berlin, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg. 


Offering a wide range of services, this provider also covers a big area of the country. Though their advertising centers the elderly, they do offer help with medication and monitoring which can benefit patients in clinical trials. 


NB: To find local providers in France search by the following keyword: Les services de soins infirmiers à domicile (SSIAD).


This in-home care provider also centers the elderly and people with disabilities, however, the services offer can be easily implemented as part of clinical trials as well. They acknowledge the COVID-19 risks and are taking precautions but shortage of masks is an obstacle. ADMR also provides wide geographical coverage. 


Medicalib is a search engine for healthcare professionals near you, including nurses. Their goal is to provide quality home care. The ‘freelance nurses’ can administer injections, infusions, blood tests and they can also monitor patients. 


This provider’s headquarters are in France but keep in mind they also have offices in the USA and China. PopsiCube offers in-home patient-centric clinical trial services to help with recruitment and retention. Take protocol visits to the patients to improve their experience. 


You can use the Home Care Services Finder to search for companies that provide home care and teleassistance. 

The municipalities and organizations linked to local administrations are responsible for the allocation, provision and evaluation of resources at home. For this reason, we invite you to contact the social services of your population to learn more about how it works and how to enjoy this service.

In order to have a guarantee of service, it is convenient to contract with an authorized company registered in the corresponding Registry of the Ministry of Social Services of its Autonomous community.

It is very important to have a contract that clearly shows all the extremes of the relationship (hours of service, price, who pays social security, notice in case you do not need the service, etc …).

Some providers you might want to consider include:


GlobalCare is a clinical network of ambulant clinicians and country coordinators for trials in the home or alternate-site settings. They cover over 50 countries and one of their two bases is located in Barcelona.


A big company with national coverage, this provider specialises in chronic illnesses, trauma and behavioural disorders. They also offer Telecare and Night care as well as nursing at home. 


Cuideo provides coverage in the whole country. It offers 24 care and administering medication. 

Tu Mayor Amigo

Another provider that covers the whole territory, this company offers the usual in-home care services, including help with medication and monitoring. They emphasize Telecare, Sensor monitoring of Basic Activities of Daily Living ABVD, Vital control and telephone monitoring with our experts and 24/7 Call Center services. 


NB: To find local providers in Italy search by the following keyword: Servizi di assistenza domiciliare (SAD).


This provider covers the whole territory of Italy and it offers in-home nursing, telemedicine, telecardiology and electrocardiogram at home as well as 24/7 telephone support. They also offer their services to Pharma companies by providing home treatment of parenteral therapies, administration and coordination of therapy and monitoring of the correct application of therapeutic indications.

Professione in Famiglia

This is a resource where you can find in-home care companies by area. However, there are no links and only phone numbers are provided. 


By searching for ‘assistenza domiciliare’ here you will find more providers. Links to their sites are usually included as well as more information that can point to the services they provide. 


Clinical Trial Service

Based in the Netherlands, this service provider not only offers site trial support but home care visits as well. With CTS you can carry out study visits according to protocol directly at the patient’s home in all European countries and in the USA. 


Delta Healthcare Consulting

DHCC offers support to clinical trials to take away practical hurdles that often pose a barrier between interested patients and participation in research. Home visits are more convenient for patients and they result in a lower drop-out rate.

Are you looking for providers that can help you support your patients remotely and keep operations going? Then you need The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Trial Vendors. You can choose the right partners for your virtual or decentralized trial between 130 companies. 

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