Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials: 6 Solutions for Your Study

Remote monitoring of patients is only one side of the coin. To make sure your operations move forward and to mitigate the risks that the Covid-19 pandemic poses on research, you also need to plan for remote monitoring of your clinical trial. Remote monitoring reduces costs and enables you to meet timelines even without the dangers of a global crisis looming over your trial. At TrialHub, we want to make the choice of remote monitoring solution easier on you, so we composed a list of companies you can turn to.   

Remarque Systems

Remarque is dedicated to effective trial continuity even during Covid-19. To help your trial stay on track and adapt to the existing circumstances, their alternative monitoring procedures identify and prioritize sites and associated data that are likely to have a significant impact on study data quality. Their system is fully compliant with FDA, ICH and other regulatory and industry standards.


Promeditec offers a package that enables you to carry out remote monitoring of your clinical trial. Virtual On Site Monitoring (VOS) integrates high-cost traditional monitoring with an innovative method that leads to significant reduction in time and cost by eliminating the need for monitor relocation. Don’t just mitigate the risks but make your monitoring operations more flexible and efficient by controlling clinical trial data from a remote location and reducing the time and costs.


Biosphere has designed a system for delivering intelligent clinical trial monitoring services that are in alignment with international compliance standards. Real-time data integration will make your operations more efficient and help you meet your timelines. 


Florence doesn’t just help you monitor patients remotely – they also offer Risk Based, Remote, and Centralized Monitoring in Clinical Trials to advance clinical research through software for managing document and data flow between research sites and sponsors.


Veeva wants to simplify your operations and reduce the administrative burden as much as possible. Veeva SiteVault is everything you need for remote monitoring in compliance with regulatory requirements. The built-in tools capture electronic signatures, enable remote monitoring, and share trial documents. 

RealTime CTMS

RealTime offers remote clinical trial solutions to help your trial stay on track through the pandemic. RealTime Clinical’s systems provide complete monitoring portals to review eSOURCE data and eRegulatory data. These portals allow sites to upload their source documents and regulatory documents for remote review, provide for query management, document versioning, document download, and more. 

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