List of Digital Patient Recruitment Providers

Patient recruitment is one of the pitfalls of clinical research – with many trials failing to enrol enough participants, the right patient recruitment strategy can make or break your study. Digital patient recruitment can not only solve this issue but also accelerate your clinical trial to help make up for lost time during this crisis and mitigate some of the obstacles posed by Covid-19. Different providers focus on different parts of the process so we are providing you with a summary of their services to help you decide which are the crucial aspects to you.


This social network for health also offers digital patient recruitment to reduce conventional time and accelerate your trial. Their recruitment systems are powered by data from real patient experiences and behaviour to help you bring new treatments to the patients who need them faster. Gain access to a highly targeted audience and reach patients who may not be reachable by traditional methods.


Patiro helps you recruit patients in the USA and Europe to ensure the perfect fit between patient and trial. They employ a double-screening process in recruitment and you pay only for enrolled patients.


When candidates use their health apps Citruslabs picks the most suitable potential participants for your study based on demographics, conditions, location, etc. Then, the provider offers them information about clinical trials and which ones are right for them. The next step is for them to sign up for trials that best fit their needs. This is when you can connect via an easy-to-use dashboard that makes contacting, scheduling, organizing, and pre-screening patients for your clinical trial effortless.   


PatientsLikeMe is a patient network that also operates a real-time research platform. Their open-participation research exchange platform allows researchers to access a network of over 500,000 patients across more than 2,700 conditions to design, test and conduct clinical trials. 


Precision recruitment helps you accelerate your trial. Antidote uses data-driven insights to identify and recruit eligible and engaged patients. They close the loop with site follow-up services. 


RareMark provides hope for hard-to-reach patients, helping improve quality of life by providing access to educational materials, clinical trials and innovative therapies, and the ability to share their real-world experiences as they deal with the daily struggles of their condition. Raremark acts as an ethical interface between patients living with a rare disease and research-based pharma companies.


Clara helps you fit your clinical trial into the everyday lives of patients. They believe that when the clinical meets the human touch, trials accommodate more participant diversity, recruit faster, and retain better than ever before. Clara commits to accelerate recruitment up to 400%.


TrialSpark partners with independent and community physicians to transform their practices into high-quality, FDA compliant trial sites. TrialSpark also powers sites with a patient-centric digital recruitment approach that focuses on quality, not quantity, of leads. Their mission is to bring new treatments to patients so they put the patient in the ‘driver’s seat’ in every part of the process which results in accelerated recruitment and accurate predictions. 

If you are planning a decentralized clinical trial you need to be aware of the most current guidelines in your target countries. Find out which DCT components you are allowed to use in our 2022 Report on Decentralized Clinical Trial Regulations

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By using broad awareness campaigns to educate about clinical trials and highlight clinical trial benefits and then following up with telephone-based prescreening, they deliver qualified referrals that traditional, study-specific methods miss. Their model allows you to pay only for patients who randomize with no additional fees. 


Seeker Health is a digital health company innovating the way that biopharmaceutical companies find patients. They’ve developed an efficient digital patient finding platform that’s accelerating drug development for serious conditions such as cancer, rare disease and neurodegenerative disease. 


This global patient recruitment company is focused on providing highly qualified referrals that can be converted into randomized patients. Their emphasis on enrollment means a boost of 40-60% at participating sites. 


MyTomorrows offers a highly personalized patient recruitment service that can bring important insights to your drug development programs. Find and retain patient populations that could be different to reach otherwise and take part in a shared decision-making process designed around the patient.


A social networks for millions of people living with chronic conditions which also offers digital patiet recruitment tools. 


TrialBee offers scalable real-world data which helps to identify eligible patients and meet them where they are digitally. Their triple qualification process ensures high-quality referrals. They emphasise electronic health records and claims data to identify the right patients and make sure it’s a good match. 


iConnect is specifically designed to facilitate patient-recruitment for academic medical centres, sponsors, and patient advocacy groups. iConnect allows your investigators to improve online awareness of their trials, communicate with interested participants, and monitor recruitment metrics to help you meet your recruitment goals. 


iPatientAxis offers predictive recruitment and success based referrals to support organizations that support people in need. They allow you to make sure you will have the right size population before you begin spending money for recruitment. 


The PatientEvolution Platform is a proprietary, cloud-based application that geo-locates, pre-screens and tracks patients at each step in the patient recruitment process.  


Deep6 is applying artificial intelligence and natural language processing to medical records to find patients.


Helps patients search and sign-up for trials while allowing sponsors to list their trials.


Langland helps sites recruit participants on time and on budget by turning healthcare intelligence into creative engagement.


ClinicalConnection refers thousands of patients and healthy volunteers to research centers that are utilizing their patient recruiting services. 


PatientWing is a clinical trial network that helps people to easily seek optional treatments and play an important role in the development of new ways to fight diseases.

Digital patient recruitment can greatly enhance your overall strategy, however, a successful clinical trial starts as early as site selection. Choosing the right sites for their experience and lack of competition is only one side of it – you also need to know where the patients are. TrialHub provides you with accurate data, sparing you the manual research. 

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