18 eConsent Providers for Virtual Clinical Trials

Obtaining remote consent like many other solutions listed on the TrialHub blog was before Covid-19 a way to ensure better patient comprehension and higher retention rates. One of its benefits is that it can speed startup and reduce the workload on sites. In light of the current crisis, however, eConsent is even more needed as in-person visits are discouraged and clinical trial teams are advised to employ different solutions that allow their trials to function remotely. 

Please note that many of the companies listed here are currently providing free or discounted access to help you with your contingency planning during Covid-19. Now is the time to forge some good partnerships with companies that operate by the Give First principle.


Rave eConsent is a solution by Medidata – a regulatory-compliant, patient-friendly, electronic consent system for clinical trials. It speeds startup and guarantees remote consent monitoring, and site screening metrics with the flexibility to meet global requirements. It can be configured for multiple languages and regulatory environments. 


An IQVIA company that offers a comprehensive eConsent solution that employs informative videos about the clinical trial process, the right to informed consent as well as trial-specific information to make consent as easy for the participant as can be. With DrugDev you also get biometric signature tracking and real-time remote monitoring. 


FIRECREST  is a solution by ICON. FIRECREST eConsent captures biometric signatures to help you automate informed consent and reduce burden for the site and patient. eConsent Viewer also features a mark-up option for the patient to seek clarification on specific topics with their healthcare provider. 


This eConsent solution makes it easy to digitize your trial at any scale. For SIGNANT Health informed consent is more than a signature. Their TrialConsent is the latest addition to their suite of patient technologies and it features an interactive patient platform that aids in comprehension of the study and way for all stake-holders to collaborate. 


Medrio eConsent helps you accelerate all aspects of the consent process while boosting patient comprehension and satisfaction. This solution allows you to quickly create and deploy region-specific consent documents without third parties and upload consent forms to an app to instantly propagate the latest version of compliance documents across all sites. 


Medable is a decentralized trial platform providing a seamless experience, connecting patients, sites, and clinical trial teams. They provide an eConsent solution as part of the decentralized clinical trial experience in order to improve comprehension and study access. 


ClinConsent improves and simplifies the Informed Consent process and engages participants throughout the study using local languages, interactive multimedia platform and digital signature. ClinConsent allows for re-consent and it helps the patient fully understand their participation. 

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The features offered by this provider involve Validated eConsent, Powerful Real-World Workflow, Automated Consent Logs and Active Compliance Monitor. Manage the completion of every consent and get immediately notified when upcoming patient visits will need to include a re-consent under a new or renewed consent version. Your patients also get a notification so they can anticipate re-consenting. 


eConsent is among the solutions Florence provides to help you digitalize your trial. Interactive videos, graphics and animations are included to make sure that information is fully accessible and comprehensible for patients. Quizzes further ensure understanding. 

Clinical Ink

This solution by Clinical Ink simplifies study startup and and standardizes processes across all your sites. It not only improves patient comprehension and retention but it eases workloads of sites. It’s part of the complete Lumenis™ eSource Ecosystem from Clinical Ink. 

SCI Solutions

DatStat obtains consent for your clinical trial via an Electronic Informed Consent (eIC) process and allows you to more effectively communicate all associated details, efficiently confirm patient understanding of the content, and obtain their e-signature.


You can improve the patient experience with this suit of multimedia tools which objective is to obtain informed consent for your study. Bio-optronics eConsent solution is developed for different learning styles so that patients don’t get frustrated and confused by the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional consent forms. It also allows for streamlining re-consent when protocol amendments occur. 


Castor supports industry trends by enabling customers to recruit and enrol patients through a customized enrolment portal that automates workflow. Participants sign up through a customized portal before they get to the eConsent platform and are shown the Informed Consent form. When they consent a screening survey is sent out and the patient is added to the EDC platform. 


Kayentis acknowledges the key role that informed consent plays in participant engagement. Their eCOA solution comes with an electronic Informed Consent Form (eICF) to improve patient engagement from the get-go. Simplifying e-consent, SecureConsent developed by their partner offers an easy-to-understand consent form, audio of the approved consent in the patient’s language, embedded information for specified concepts, and electronically captured handwritten signature capability. 

Interlace Health

Interlace Health offers an electronic Informed Consent form with both the patient and clinicians in mind. It allows staff to gather an eSignature from the patient and make the form instantly available to the care team. 

Crucial Data Solutions

This provider helps you ensure patients can consent remotely for your clinical trial and gain understanding about the process. 


Replaces the paper based informed consent document with interactive, multi-media enabled and template driven informed consent on mobile devices. The document is still available to the patient but additional explanations can be accessed as well. 

Datacubed Health

This provider offers a guided consent process that incorporates text, video and quizzes for improved patient comprehension and compliance rates to help you speed enrollment.

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