TrialHub Announces The First Global Database Of Virtual Trials And Experienced Investigators

TrialHub – a feasibility intelligence platform, developed by FindMeCure Ltd, announced today the launch of the first global database of virtual clinical trials and experienced investigators in various virtual trial components. This database is only one of the enhancements coming in October with TrialHub v2.0 release.

TrialHub’s new virtual trial algorithm made it possible to identify the most suitable technologies to lessen the burden on patients. The algorithm grouped technologies into four main categories: wearables, mobile applications, e-Consent, and ePRO in order to show trends across different indications in 70 countries.

By relying on this database sponsors and CROs are able, in the early stages of the design of protocols, to choose the most suitable components to their trials to facilitate the enrolment and completion of the study timelines, and avoiding protocol amendments later on. The components are also connected to a database of more than 500.000 investigators showing their experience with these technologies. This makes it the first global database of investigators adapted to conducting virtual or hybrid clinical trials.

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that virtual/hybrid clinical trials are the only way to keep trials going. At the same time, our clients shared about the uncertainty in the decision-making process with regards to which technologies they should be using to ensure both patients’ convenience and compliance with local regulations. By developing our virtual trial algorithm we take the first step into a future where virtual clinical trials are the norm and it’s just a matter of how we keep the balance between study endpoints, site engagement, and patients’ safety and comfort.” – shared Maya Zlatanova, co-founder and CEO of FindMeCure Ltd.

FindMeCure Ltd. is a tech company dedicated to bringing clinical trials closer to patients. The company has been spreading awareness and education about clinical trials among more than half a million people around the Globe since 2016.

The team’s direct interaction with patients and investigators led to the development of TrialHub, a feasibility intelligence platform, facilitating clinical trials and patient recruitment success by analyzing the local clinical trial landscape and providing a 360-degree view.

Originally published on Clinical Leader.

Do you want to see TrialHub in action? Check out the virtual trial filters in the Live Demo or reach out to our team for a walkthrough of the platform. 

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