Find Out Where the Patients Eligible for Your Trial Are and When They Become Eligible
Get Standard of Care data in less than 15 minutes and find out where your target patients are.
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7.5 Non-billable Hours to 15 Minutes per RFP
While Keeping the Quality of Your Proposals High
The best clinical trial strategy requires the best understanding of the patient pathway and patients’ access to care country by country.
Mapping out your target patients’ Standard of Care takes time - top 10 CROs spend 7.5 non-billable hours on average per request.
“Last year we spent 420 non-billable hours on Standard of Care research for our RFPs”
A top 10 CRO
Yet, if you don’t consider Standard of Care you’re making a huge compromise with the quality of your strategy and the hit rate of your proposals.
With TrialHub you don't have to choose between keeping pre-award cost low and keeping the quality of your proposals high
You can now have Standard of Care and Reimbursed Drugs data in just a few clicks - it’s a 15-minute search away. This is 30 times faster than the industry average.
It’s worth repeating: TrialHub reduces your non-billable hours spent on Standard of Care research 30 times while allowing you to maintain and improve the quality of your proposals.
Access the Most Reliable Standard of Care DataAnd Stand Out in Front of Sponsors
We get it: you don’t want to look silly in front of your team. Suggesting an innovative platform can seem risky.
So we’ll spare you the “Top 10 CROs trust us” because it kinda sounds like bragging...
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And we’ll also spare you the “CROs say they cut non-billable hours by 30% with TrialHub” because you’re here for one thing: unique data sources.
Bionical Emas reduces time spent on RFPs by 30% with TrialHub >>
TrialHub aggregates data from 80 000 data sources in real-time so the data you see can be 1) the most complete and 2) the most up to date.
For Standard of Care in particular, ALL data sources are official government institutions. TrialHub extracts insights, including from attached documents, to streamline the data you need and eliminate the need for manual research. We always show you where data comes from for each country indication pair.
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You can see how frequently each institution updates their guidelines and when the last TrialHub update was.You can present your proposal with confidence - all data is sourced from the responsible institutions and updated religiously.
Be Prepared for the Hard QuestionsAnd Earn Sponsors’ Trust
What will the burden on the patients be?See what medical treatment your target patients are used to and compare that to the study procedures. You might decide to simplify your protocol or include decentralised elements to ease the burden on patients and meet enrollment goals.
Where can I find eligible patients?Find out which countries do not reimburse your exclusion criteria drug or do not reimburse it for your sub-population of patients. Alternatively, find out where your ‘must have taken’ drug is reimbursed and part of the Standard of Care.
At which step of their journey do patients become eligible?Will patients in your target countries meet your inclusion and exclusion criteria?
One way to find out: check which drugs are part of their treatment pathway. This also tells you at which step of their journey they might be eligible.
What is the added value of my trial to my target patients?Find out if your trial is an attractive option for your target patients by understanding their standard of care. Patients who enjoy a high standard of care in their countries are less likely to consider clinical trials as an alternative, especially trials with a placebo arm (which is most of the trials).
What is the landscape like for my comparator drug?Set a realistic budget for your trial by finding out the reimbursement status of your comparator drug - if the drug is not reimbursed in your target countries you’ll have to cover the price yourself. Discover investigators with experience and trials that include or have included the drug.
See How You Can Wow Sponsors With Your Proposals by Including Standard of Care Data
Check out TrialHub’s Standard of Care module and see how you can go from 420+ hours on manual research to a 15-minute search per proposal.
Impress sponsors, prevent delays and stay on budget with Standard of Care data.