Understanding the Role of Patient Feasibility in the Planning of Decentralized Trials


Since the onset of Covid, have Decentralized Clinical Trials lived up to their potential, and where do the principal challenges for DCT lie today? Join us for an intriguing exploration with one of the leading figures in Decentralized Trials, Craig Lipset, alongside Maya Zlatanova, a pioneer in integrating innovative technologies for predicting and solving patient recruitment challenges.

In this session, we will delve into the critical gaps of traditional country and site selection, unveiling the vital information that is often overlooked but crucial for the successful execution of decentralized trials. Discover how leveraging technology such as advanced insight extraction algorithms can provide a deeper understanding of the cultural, demographic, and disease-related specifics and inform where DCT could be the winning strategy.

Emphasizing the imperative need for improved feasibility assessments, we will introduce and underscore the value of Patient Feasibility as an innovative process that ensures a holistic and informed approach to trial planning.


What you’ll find in this webinar:

    • Evaluating the Impact of Decentralized Clinical Trials Post-Covid
    • The Limitations of Traditional Feasibility in planning DCT
    • How can technology contribute to solving some of the challenges?
    • Patient feasibility as a strategy to align patient needs with trial requirements, ensuring mutual compatibility and success.
    • Q & A


Maya Zlatanova

CEO at FindMeCure
Maya is a healthtech entrepreneur, clinical research expert, and pharma industry speaker. She has 15 years of global experience in clinical research regulations, patient recruitment, and engagement, clinical trial feasibility and operations. Seasoned speaker at Clinical Trial Innovations, Scope Summit, Logipharma events, Patient Engagement Forum, GIANT Health etc. and hosts her own podcast on clinical trial topics - Trials with Maya Z.

Craig Lipset

Founder of Clinical Innovation Partners & DCT Expert
Craig is an advisor, educator, advocate and innovator focused on novel solutions for clinical trials and medicine development.

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