Navigating the Dilemma: Patient Diversity vs. Best Performing Sites


Patient diversity in clinical research is not only a moral imperative but also a fundamental necessity for producing robust and generalizable trial results. Join us as we explore the importance of including diverse populations in clinical trials, the challenges hindering participation, and actionable strategies to overcome barriers.


  1. Introductions
  2. Understanding Patient Diversity
    1. Defining patient diversity and the importance of inclusion in clinical trials
  3. Regional Perspectives: USA vs Europe
    1. Exploring patient diversity differences between the USA and Europe
    2. Localizing diversity strategies
    3. The central role of sites in reaching diverse populations
  4. Supporting Sites
    1. Strategies to support sites in becoming diversity-ready
    2. Building relationships with the community
    3. Patient advocacy groups and their role in empowering sites
    4. Case studies and best practices
  5. Enhancing Collaboration
    1. Collaboration between CROs, sponsors, and vendors
    2. Protocol development with the patient in mind
  6. Understanding Barriers
    1. Identifying visible and invisible barriers to trial participation
  7. Q&A session
  8. Closing remarks and final takeaways


Maya Zlatanova

CEO at FindMeCure
Maya is a healthtech entrepreneur, clinical research expert, and pharma industry speaker. She has 15 years of global experience in clinical research regulations, patient recruitment, and engagement, clinical trial feasibility and operations. Seasoned speaker at Clinical Trial Innovations, Scope Summit, Logipharma events, Patient Engagement Forum, GIANT Health etc. and hosts her own podcast on clinical trial topics - Trials with Maya Z.

Katherine Cornish, PhD, PMP

Director, Clinical Trials and Partner Engagement - Tigerlily Foundation
Katie is a project manager in clinical research and patient advocacy. Having worked across many stages of pre-clinical development and the clinical trial continuum, her focus is to ensure that clinical research is not just equitable for all, but also accessible for all.

Lori Abrams

Expert in Patient Advocacy & Clinical Trial Diversity
Lori is a consultant helping Organizations accomplish representation in their clinical trials. Her experience as Vice President of patient advocacy and clinical research diversity at WCG as well as her previous role as the Director of Advocacy, Diversity & Patient Engagement in Global Development Operations at Bristol-Myers Squibb inform a unique perspective on patient diversity in clinical research.

Christopher Gantz

Senior Manager Participant Recruitment and Retention - Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Since 2003 Christopher Gantz has worked in the clinical research field on projects with patient engagement and recruitment goals ranging from 30 to 10,000 participants. He has extensive experience in engaging with community members around research topics and implementing the operational components of an embedded recruitment support service.

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