How Decentralized Trials Can Support Continuity of Operations

In Part 7 of the Webinar “How Research Sites Can Win With Decentralized Trials” the panelists discuss leadership and technology in DCTs:

  • How did the decentralized model of clinical trials empower continuity of operations?
  • What is protocol with if-then logic and why is it important to have one?
  • What are some good practices for how Sponsors should write protocols and SOPs for operations?
  • Is it possible to have an adaptive budget?
  • Can technology disempower the connection between patients and sites?
  • What is at stake when study coordinators are overwhelmed with tasks during a crisis?


Raymond Nomizu from Clinical Research IO, a site-centered electronic Source and CTMS solution;
Edye T. Edens, Senior Research Compliance Consultant at First Class Solutions
Daniel Perez, Chief Operating Officer at MACRO Trials – a Site Optimization Organization (SOO);
Maya Zlatanova, CEO of FindMeCure Ltd, TrialHub – Better Feasibility, More Business.  LinkedIn TwitterEmail

If you are planning to support your patients and operations remotely check out The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Trial VendorsChoose the best partners for your decentralized trial among the 130 providers included in the Guide.

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