eConsent: How to Ensure Volition and Privacy?

In Part 3 of the Webinar “How Research Sites Can Win With Decentralized Trials” the panelists cover questions about eConsent such as:

– Are sites really prepared to eConsent participants?
– How to ensure the patient is truly informed?
– How to make sure the remote consent conversation is compliant with regulations about confidentiality?
– How to avoid overwhelming potential participants while preserving the thorough consent process?
– How to account for cultural not just language barriers?
– Why sites need to own the informed consent process as well as maintain a conversation with the sponsor?
– What is the real problem with informed consent that the industry already had pre-Covid? And how can we address it?

“Informed consent is not a document, it’s an ongoing process.”


Raymond Nomizu from Clinical Research IO, a site-centered electronic Source and CTMS solution;
Edye T. Edens, Senior Research Compliance Consultant at First Class Solutions
Daniel Perez, Chief Operating Officer at MACRO Trials – a Site Optimization Organization (SOO);
Maya Zlatanova, CEO of FindMeCure Ltd, TrialHub – Better Feasibility, More Business.  LinkedIn Twitter Email

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