World’s First Group Purchasing Alliance for Clinical Trials “Pharall” Relies on FindMeCure’s TrialHub to Assess Better Clinical Trial Scenarios and Budget

PHARALL, a group purchasing organization for clinical trial services, partners up with FindMeCure Ltd, a technology company based in the UK, to support Biotech companies with the data they need to start testing their compound. FindMeCure’s TrialHub is a data intelligence platform that provides a complete overview of the clinical research landscape in 70 countries.  

PHARALL is the world’s first group purchasing organisation (GPO) for CRO services. PHARALL allies the purchasing volume of biotech companies and achieves better terms, discounts and ensures improved service quality with their allied CROs in clinical trials. Per-negotiated rates and discounts improve the CRO contracting process and vendor governance significantly for PHARALL’s members. PHARALL’s members conduct clinical trials in all major regions of North America, Europe and Asia. PHARALL’s group purchasing alliance is open to welcome any sponsor of clinical trials worldwide to join their unique strategic outsourcing model. 

“For Pharall and its member companies, TrialHub is a powerful tool to evaluate industry benchmark recruitment performance for clinical trials. We use it to predict patient recruitment rates worldwide as well as compare CRO’s recruitment rates with industry benchmarks in all major indications and geographies. TrialHub’s data is also extremely useful for us to evaluate optimal trial protocol designs to improve clinical trial outcomes. We are very pleased to cooperate with TrialHub and ensure access to this valuable data source and preferred rates for our clients and members.”, says Leif Kuse, CEO of PHARALL.

TrialHub is a state-of-the-art analytics platform designed to further clinical research by providing the industry with real-time data and country-level insights necessary for successful trial planning. The platform empowers professionals involved in the planning of new studies to choose the optimal path for the completion of their trial based on country and site selection, local regulations and timelines, standard of care and patient pathway. 

TrialHub’s newest module, Reimbursed Drugs, helps Pharall support Biotech and Pharma companies in deciding where to run their trials based on the needs of the market. A gap in the local standard of care for a specific condition may mean more patient demand but it can also translate to a lower chance of the new treatment being reimbursed. Alternatively, a high standard of care may lower patient recruitment in a trial due to less motivation among patients. TrialHub provides the data needed to navigate this landscape successfully. 

“The experts behind Pharall have a real passion for supporting biotech companies. Once we saw their expertise as well, we knew they are the perfect partner for us to empower the most innovative companies and their treatments reach the patients sooner.”, said Maya Zlatanova, CEO of FindMeCure.  

The partnership between the two companies aims at bringing promising new treatments to the patients who need them by making the process of initiating research more efficient. By bringing stakeholders together and streamlining access to accurate real-time data, PHARALL and FindMeCure are creating a world where innovative medicines make it to the market.

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