TrialHub unveils cutting-edge AI Technology: TrialHub IQ – The Intelligent Query tool.

TrialHub IQ a technology designed for clinical trial strategists.

TrialHub unveils cutting-edge AI Technology that empowers the advancement of clinical trial design through leveraging industry knowledge.

We Saw A Need, And We Created An Opportunity. 

TrialHub’s ultimate mission is to advance the healthcare industry by empowering clinical trial strategists with cutting-edge technologies and trust. 

Gathering reliable and comprehensive data is challenging. We aim to make this process more efficient and user-friendly.

TrialHub IQ  the intelligent query tool of the clinical trials industry and beyond. 

A natural language interface powered by AI technologies allows you to query various data sources pre-qualified and validated by medical experts in-house and worldwide. Now can be directly used within TrialHub’s Standard of Care module. 

Already, our Standard of Care module gives rich insights into the patient pathway. From reimbursed drugs by indication and country, barriers to recruitment, to access to treatments – all shaping a better understanding of your patients. Additionally, with TrialHub IQ for Standard of Care, you will receive insights generated precisely for you, cutting your search time. Giving you insights that could have been easily overlooked during your search.

 In the upcoming months, TrialHub IQ will be available throughout every module on TrialHub. Now commencing with the Standard of Care module.

Start Your Journey – With A Question. 

Challenge us, ask a relevant but truly difficult question, and we will handle it. For example, “Which platinum-based treatment is the gold standard for neoadjuvant chemotherapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer?”.

Immediately, you will receive information from verified medical guidelines and publications such as PubMed. Curated to address your query precisely, TrialHub IQ will draw the data from multiple sources and present a singularly comprehensive and cohesive answer. You will see the sources, too, and have follow-up questions as inspiration.

Pretty intuitive, right? As is the entire experience on the TrialHub IQ for Standard of Care module. This is only the start.

Powered by advanced AI, TrialHub IQ for Standard of Care offers an easy-to-navigate, conversational interface. Users can simply pose a question in a conversational style without the need to master a complex user interface. 

Diving Into Data: The Backbone of Our Module.

Transparency and trust are fundamental to us. TrialHub IQ builds on data from verified sources such as PubMed and other medical guidelines. A team of medical experts continuously verifies the accuracy of the answers. 

The system scans for contextual similarities between the user’s question and the available data, selecting the top three relevant sources. It focuses on these articles’ abstracts and key messages, which are further analyzed to provide a clear and concise summary. Delivering reliable and insightful answers to SoC queries. Yet, it doesn’t end here.

Go Even Further: Create Your Custom Database.

Too good to be true – yes. Imagine, now, you can even upload into TrialHub your proprietary research – the many indigestible documents you have accumulated over the years. TrialHub IQ will incorporate them into its data pool, generating unique insights only accessible to you. Taking your understanding of patients to another level. Needless to say, we ensure complete protection by securely handling any imported data for creating the custom database. 

This enhanced version of our SoC module is a thoughtful blend of technology and medical intelligence designed to support the intricate process of clinical trial design. It balances simplicity with sophistication, and user-friendliness with trust, promising to be a significant step forward in the clinical trials industry and beyond.

Know your patients, and design the clinical trials of tomorrow. 

Grab that Edge. Design with Confidence. Request your Demo  – Today. 

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