TrialHub Connects Clinical Research Feasibility Experts to Country Advisors With Unique Insights

The clinical trial planning platform can now connect feasibility professionals to their local colleagues within hours. The network of country advisors accessible through the platform consists of experts covering all therapeutic areas with 15+ years of experience.

Under complete confidentiality, they can provide insights about the local clinical research and patient recruitment landscape, including contracts, timelines, and investigator fees, as well as protocol feedback. This is a big enhancement for feasibility experts who won’t have to deal with the administrative burden associated with contacting their local colleagues. They can now have their questions answered via a survey or a phone call within hours.

Knowing local specifics, such as investigator fees, actual startup timelines, patient pathways, and their motivators is key to planning a successful trial. TrialHub has built a highway between feasibility experts and the country advisors who can share these insights.


FindMeCure Ltd. is a tech company dedicated to bringing clinical trials closer to patients. The company has been spreading awareness about clinical trials among more than half a million people around the Globe since 2016.

The team’s direct interaction with patients and investigators led to the development of TrialHub, a feasibility intelligence platform, facilitating clinical trials and patient recruitment success by analyzing the local landscape to provide a 360-degree overview for over 70 countries worldwide.


First published on EinPresswire

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