MCRA Leverages TrialHub for Success in Clinical Trial Planning

MCRA collaborates with TrialHub and EUPATI for patient centric clinical trials

MCRA, a global clinical research organization (CRO) and full-service medical device diagnostics & consulting advisory firm, and FindMeCure Ltd, a health-tech company from the UK, have initiated a strategic partnership. By embedding TrialHub–FindMeCure’s data intelligence platform–into their feasibility process, MCRA aims to amplify their ability to facilitate clinical research.

In a world increasingly dominated by cutting-edge medical technologies, MCRA bridges the chasm between groundbreaking medical devices and the patients they serve.

MCRA’s unique approach integrates regulatory strategy, clinical study management, reimbursement strategy, quality assurance, compliance and cybersecurity services, offering an all-encompassing support ecosystem for the MedTech industry. This end-to-end guidance not only ensures that innovative solutions reach the market, but they do so in a manner that is both efficient and compliant, safeguarding public health.

By partnering with TrialHub, MCRA strengthens its commitment to driving patient-centric healthcare through informed and efficient clinical research with innovative technology, extensive real-world data sources, and detailed analytics. TrialHub presents the most accurate overview of the clinical research landscape in over 70 countries, empowering clinical research organizations and sponsors in their trial planning.

By offering insights from a vast range of verified data sources, TrialHub allows MCRA to identify potential challenges or risks in a single platform, saving them from tedious manual research and calculations. This collaboration represents MCRA’s commitment to enhancing their capabilities and facilitating seamless, data-driven clinical trials, truly embodying a revolution in healthcare solutions.

MCRA’s Vice President of Clinical Affairs, Abigail Allen, said “Collaborating with TrialHub has allowed our clinical team to improve our research capabilities. We look forward to continuing to explore the opportunities TrialHub presents for both our clients and the entire MCRA organization.”

As part of their collaboration, MCRA commits to TrialHubs’ incentive with EUPATI’s Patient Expert Training Program. For this, MCRA donates a single full scholarship, empowering the inclusion of patients in clinical research.

About MCRA, LLC:

MCRA is the leading privately held independent medical device, diagnostics and biologics Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and advisory firm. MCRA delivers to its client’s industry experience, integrating its six business value creators: regulatory, clinical research, reimbursement, healthcare compliance, quality assurance, and distribution logistics to provide a dynamic, market-leading effort from innovation conception to commercialization. MCRA’s integrated application of these key value-creating initiatives provides unparalleled value for its clients. MCRA has offices in Washington, DC, Hartford, CT, New York, NY, and Tokyo, Japan and serves nearly 1,000 clients globally. Its core focus areas of therapeutic experience include orthopedics, spine, biologics, cardiovascular, diagnostic imaging, wound care, artificial intelligence, dental, anesthesia, general surgery, digital health, neurology, robotics, oncology, general and plastic surgery, urology, and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices and medical device cybersecurity.

About TrialHub: 

TrialHub is an NLP and AI-powered data intelligence platform dedicated to empowering clinical trial strategists with real-time insights on sites, competition, patients and regulations. Thanks to thousands of validated data sources and the latest Generative AI capabilities we are able to answer any question thus ensuring knowledge across teams and data-driven decision making towards more successful and patient-friendly clinical trials. Visit to learn more.

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