Innovating Clinical Research: Acromion’s Strategic Alliance with TrialHub

Innovating Clinical Research: Acromion's Strategic Alliance with TrialHub

LONDON. March 5th— Acromion, a leading European Clinical Research Organization (CRO), announced its strategic partnership with FindMeCure’s TrialHub, an innovative platform for clinical trial strategists dedicated to revolutionizing clinical trial planning. This alliance signifies a major advancement in reshaping the clinical research landscape and improving patient experiences.

In the dynamic healthcare ecosystem of today, clinical research is crucial in advancing medical understanding and patient care. Acromion, renowned for its dedication to excellence and innovation in clinical research, has teamed up with TrialHub to utilize state-of-the-art technology and focus on patient-oriented solutions.

Acromion aims to refine the clinical trial planning process through this partnership, improving strategies for patient recruitment. Utilizing TrialHub, a robust data intelligence platform, Acromion expects to enhance country and site selection, accelerate patient enrollment in clinical trials, and help innovative treatments reach the patients who need them faster. 

“We are thrilled to introduce TrialHub as a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional service”, said Oana Braun, Executive Manager at Acromion. “This innovative software empowers our team to enhance the site selection process guided by data-driven analysis. The software provides in-depth and precise evaluation of site performance, enabling more accurate planning with reduced risk for the conduct of clinical trials. By adopting innovative software we expand our service offerings, driving efficiency in today’s competitive landscape in clinical research.”

TrialHub enables clinical research professionals to make data-driven decisions, pinpoint the best trial sites, and understand patient pathways. By merging Acromion’s vast expertise in clinical research with TrialHub’s advanced technology, this partnership is set to foster innovation in the industry.

“We are excited to partner with Acromion,” stated Maya Zlatanova, CEO at TrialHub. “Through our collaboration, we will ensure that patients’ untapped needs are at the forefront of every trial. Our joint efforts promise to create efficient processes, reduce delay-associated costs, and enhance patient outcomes.”

This partnership is a testament to a shared vision of advancing clinical research and providing alternative treatments to patients globally. Acromion and TrialHub are committed to leveraging technology and expertise to effect positive changes in healthcare.

About Acromion:

Acromion is a leading provider of clinical research services, dedicated to advancing medical science and improving patient care through innovative research initiatives. With a focus on excellence, integrity, and collaboration, our team is committed to delivering high-quality services that drive progress in trials across all stages of clinical development. Visit to learn more.

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