FindMeCure Ltd Is Building the Ultimate Guide to Virtual Trial Vendors

FindMeCure Ltd is building The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Trial Vendors. The UK-based company that in 2020 launched the first global database of virtual clinical trials as part of their clinical trial intelligence platform TrialHub recently released their catalog of virtual trial vendors. 

The catalog lists more than 130 providers in the following categories: Home healthcare services; Health ride providers; Remote patient monitoring solutions; ePRO/eCOA technologies; eConsent providers; Digital patient recruitment services; Telehealth providers; Virtual/Remote trial providers. 

The list of home healthcare services covers all 50 states and 7 European countries: the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and it gives priority to providers specifically designed for clinical trials. 

The resource is part of the company’s efforts to support sponsors and CROs trying to navigate the new normal. Introducing virtual trial modalities or being prepared to do so is an integral part of the clinical research landscape shaped by Covid-19. 

You can access The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Trial Vendors on TrialHub’s blog. If you are a vendor company that wants to be included in The Guide’s next updates reach out to the team at   

TrialHub is a clinical trial strategy platform that covers information on all indications in 70 countries. The system structures thousands of data sources about patients, regulations, and sites to predict clinical trial operations and support budget planning.

TrialHub also relies on a network of local experts to anticipate any country-related challenges and identify opportunities for speeding up patient recruitment.

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