FindMeCure and EUPATI Join Forces to Strengthen Patient Education via Scholarships for the EUPATI Open Classroom

“By participating in the EUPATI Expert Training Programme, patients can be empowered to understand how their voice can shape decisions in the healthcare continuum and help develop the treatments of tomorrow.”   

EUPATI representative

As part of the shared commitment to enhancing the engagement of patients and patient representatives in medicines research and development (R&D), FindMeCure joined the EUPATI Partnership of patient organizations, academia, and industry in 2020. This collaboration is now taking the form of scholarships for patients who want to become patient experts, EUPATI Fellows, and engage with the different stakeholders in the medicines development process.

Patient education and awareness about clinical research is a crucial part of getting innovative treatments to the market where they can reach all who need them. FindMeCure supports this process by helping patients to find treatments in development through the clinical trial search platform by the same name and by helping the industry plan clinical trials closer to the patient through a data intelligence platform developed for feasibility.

EUPATI is a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership providing accessible, innovative, and inclusive education that empowers patients and patient representatives with the right knowledge, skills, and competencies to effectively engage and partner with all other stakeholders in the medicines R&D process. Through its Patient Expert Training Programme, it has to date trained over 200 Patient Experts from different disease areas. 

The Programme is hosted on a freely accessible, flexible e-learning portal, the EUPATI Open Classroom. While the training and content are free of charge, patients who wish to complete the full programme, are asked to contribute to some of the costs around online certifications and an in-person training event. 

Building on the mutual dedication to patient education, EUPATI and FindMeCure, supported by its partners, have now established a Scholarship Programme addressed to patients and patient representatives who would like to become EUPATI Fellows. Each Scholarship covers the full cost of the online modules and the in-person training event of the programme. 

The Scholarships will be granted by EUPATI and FindMeCure’s partners will receive a certificate of donation and be invited to join the conversation about patient engagement and centricity. By working together, we hope to make patient engagement the new norm in the medicines development process.   

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