European CRO August Research Is Partnering With TrialHub to Innovate the Feasibility Process

European clinical research organization August Research has established a strategic partnership with FindMeCure Ltd, a technology company based in the UK, and their TrialHub – a data intelligence platform for planning clinical trials. The aim of the partnership is to innovate the clinical trial feasibility process and by doing so, bring clinical research and its advancements closer to the patients. 

According to Dana Leff Niedzielska, CEO of August Research, “TrialHub is a valuable tool for us to speed up the feasibility process and identify the most appropriate sites for any type of clinical trial. The database allows for many different types of searches and FindMeCure is always working to add more features and data sources to the system which increases its value over time”

What brings the two companies together is a shared vision of how the feasibility process should be innovated in order to facilitate the planning of successful clinical trials. This, in turn, will bring clinical research closer to the patients and put innovative treatments on the market where they will be widely available to those who need them. 

By relying on its local expertise and FindMeCure’s feasibility intelligence platform TrialHub, August Research is better equipped to design robust strategies for the execution of clinical trials. TrialHub’s innovative approach to data analytics helps to streamline and optimise key elements of trial feasibility like country and site selection, and the development of a robust patient recruitment strategy. 

“It’s always a pleasure to work with companies like August Research. We admire their dedication to their clients and their open-mindness to adapt in today’s dynamic world of clinical research. We feel blessed that we not only work together to prevent delays in clinical trials they manage but also to use their feedback to improve TrialHub and help them grow their business.”, said Maya Zlatanova, CEO of FindMeCure. 

TrialHub is a data intelligence platform that helps industry professionals design clinical trials that stay on budget and recruit on time. By optimizing clinical trial feasibility, TrialHub furthers FindMeCure’s mission of bringing research closer to patients.

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