EUPATI Collaborates With FindMeCure On EUPATIConnect

European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) and FindMeCure partnered up on the creation of EUPATIConnect – a fee-for-service matchmaking platform that connects EUPATI patient experts and researchers to create synergies and mutually beneficial opportunities to enhance patient engagement.

EUPATI is a patient-led multi-stakeholder public-private partnership originally launched by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and today established as an independent non-profit Foundation. EUPATI partnership consists of patient organizations, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. EUPATI’s vision is to improve health outcomes through the contribution of patients and patient representatives as valued stakeholders in the research and development of medicines and healthcare technologies. It does this by providing accessible, innovative and inclusive education that empowers patients and patient representatives with the right knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively engage and partner with all other stakeholders. 

EUPATI is today, via its Open Classroom, the global leading platform for patient education. It has trained more than 200 Patient Experts (EUPATI Fellows), and with more than 400 currently enrolled on the platform. In addition, 170 Fellows have graduated from the national EUPATI trainings in Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. EUPATI is active in 23 countries through its National Platforms, and also provides an open-access multilingual Toolbox that has served more than 5 million users in 13 languages around the world to date.

For the development of EUPATIConnect, EUPATI collaborated with FindMeCure and their team of developers. 

FindMeCure is dedicated to bringing research closer to patients. They do so not only by helping patients find treatments in clinical trials but also by helping the industry plan successful studies. Their approach improves data accuracy and makes possible the collection and systemic update of more data points. The same focus was applied in the development of EUPATIConnect.

“I am thrilled to work and partner with organizations like EUPATI. The values and goals of the two organizations couldn’t be more aligned. Bringing research closer to patients and putting the patient in the spotlight is our shared commitment.” (Maya Zlatanova, FindMeCure)

“Building and developing EUPATIConnect is a great example of true co-creation and collaboration within the EUPATI partnership. We are excited to be able to enhance the opportunities for patients and researchers to work together within medicines R&D” (Maria Dutarte, EUPATI) 

EUPATIConnect is up and running and both patient experts and researchers can benefit from its infrastructure. EUPATI and FindMeCure are looking forward to collaborating on more projects and initiatives as they share the same mission of supporting both patients and industry for greater patient-centricity.

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