Enhancing Patient Inclusion Through Partnership: Bionical Emas Joins FindMeCure & EUPATI

In the landscape of clinical research, patient inclusion has become a significant matter of focus. Contract Research Organizations (CROs) must prioritize collaboration with other stakeholders to improve clinical trials’ quality and effectiveness. Through partnering with FindMeCure, Bionical Emas further supports patient inclusion in clinical research by donating a scholarship to the EUPATI patient education program. With a unique approach and offering for the industry, Bionical Emas, a global CRO, contributes to drug development with a patient-centric approach. Patient advocacy is at the core of Bionical Emas’s values. Their commitment to considering patients as partners in the clinical development pathway creates programs and trials developed around real-world insights from patient groups. ‘We listen and learn to truly understand a patient’s condition, their unique, personal experience, and specific needs before we begin. We aim, where possible, to reduce patient and family burden and to co-create with patient communities.’, Bionical Emas By partnering with patient advocacy groups like EUPATI, Bionical Emas stays true to their values. The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation, EUPATI, is a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership. A focus on education, inclusivity, and stakeholder partnership is what EUPATI stands for. Providing accessible and innovative education to empower patients and patient representatives enriches the medicines R&D process. EUPATI’s commitment to enhancing patient engagement through education is a mission that many leading industry organizations, such as FindMeCure, support. FindMeCure’s assertiveness of the ‘patients first’ approach to clinical research planning and execution is further sustained through collaborations, such as that with Bionical Emas. The company aims to bring research closer to patients – a shared goal between all parties that resulted in a partnership focused on patient inclusion. By working with FindMeCure’s feasibility data intelligence platform, Bionical Emas is donating a complete patient scholarship to EUPATI’s Patient Expert program. By involving patients at the earliest stages of the medicines R&D process, researchers can gain valuable insights into their perspectives, experiences, and needs. This ultimately leads to patient-centered clinical trials.
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