Emvenio Research and TrialHub Partner to Optimize Patient Participation and Accelerate Site Selection for Clinical Trials

emvenio research collaborates with trialhub and eupati

Community research provider EmVenio Research today announced a partnership with TrialHub, a data intelligence platform that delivers real-time patient insights and empowers EmVenio to conduct a wider range of clinical trials for new life-saving treatments. Through TrialHub’s data intelligence gathering platform, EmVenio can easily identify optimal markets to attract clinical trial participants who are needed to support pharmaceutical sponsors and clinical research organizations’ participation goals.

TrialHub’s benchmarking and data provide a 360‐degree feasibility overview of the clinical research landscape, allowing EmVenio to strategically select clinical trial site locations based on disease prevalence, recruitment rates, and access to readily available healthcare facilities and practitioners, including underserved communities.

“With TrialHub’s uniquely curated data, EmVenio can connect CROs and sponsors to the appropriate population of potential trial participants for a range of studies across a wide array of therapeutic areas,” said Thad Wolfram, EmVenio Research president. “Faster and more intelligent access to data allows us to quickly identify and recommend the best communities in which to conduct a trial and activate it in a more efficient manner, saving our clients time and money and providing them the results they need sooner than later.”

By working with TrialHub, EmVenio will donate a full patient scholarship to the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation’s Patient Expert program. EUPATI’s program focuses on education, inclusivity and stakeholder partnership to enhance patient engagement through accessible and innovative education.

“We are delighted to welcome EmVenio on board and help their dedicated team of experts expand clinical trial access to underrepresented and underserved patient communities,” said Ralitsa Vaskova, Head of Operations at TrialHub. “An organization of true patient champions, recently EmVenio achieved over 44% diversity in infectious disease studies by providing convenient access to clinical research sites. Thanks to rich, pre-validated and pre-qualified data sources and our NLP and AI algorithms, TrialHub now helps EmVenio identify the best sites to support their mission.”

About EmVenio Research:

EmVenio Research provides rapid and scalable mobile Community Research Site solutions to better reach and recruit diverse, underserved and high-risk communities. Through EmVenio Research’s activated Community Research Sites located throughout the US and UK as well as a global network of skilled clinicians, principal investigators, EmVenio provides robust and hybrid clinical research services, reducing the patient participation burden and improving patient recruitment and retention. Beyond their mobile community site solutions, EmVenio offers home visits and technology-enabled virtual visits, allowing for truly patient-centric solutions. Visit emvenio.com to learn more.

About TrialHub:
TrialHub is an NLP and AI-powered data intelligence platform dedicated to empowering clinical trial strategists with real-time insights on sites, competition, patients and regulations. Thanks to thousands of validated data sources and the latest Generative AI capabilities we are able to answer any question, thus ensuring knowledge across teams and data-driven decision-making towards more successful and patient-friendly clinical trials. Visit trialhub.com to learn more.

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