Empowering Patients: Ora Joins Forces with FindMeCure and TrialHub to Elevate Ophthalmic Education

Empowering Patients: Ora Joins Forces with FindMeCure and TrialHub to Elevate Ophthalmic Education

Ora, Inc., the leading global ophthalmic Contract Research Organisation (CRO), is optimising its patient engagement and study design capabilities through a partnership with FindMeCure and their data-intelligence platform – TrialHub. With this partnership, Ora is excited to announce support for the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) with a scholarship donation to provide innovative and accessible educational resources to ophthalmic patients and their representatives.

“We are thrilled to contribute to EUPATI’s Patient Expert Training Programme through our partnership with FindMeCure and their data-driven feasibility platform,” stated Dr Doina Gherghel, European Medical Director and Head of European Clinical Site Relationships at Ora. 

The scholarship donation provides patients with access to vital educational resources, helping them to better understand their condition and treatment possibilities. The expert training programme also equips them with the knowledge and expertise to actively contribute to clinical trials. By doing so, they help to tailor clinical trials more effectively to patient needs, enhancing the relevance of these studies. 

The FindMeCure AI-powered data intelligence platform combines real-world data and insights from over 80,000 validated sources. A powerful tool for clinical trial strategists, it also provides insight to clinical study opportunities for patients in need. As such, FindMeCure utilises TrialHub in close collaboration with EUPATI to bridge the gap between patients in need and relevant clinical research opportunities. 

Launched in 2012, EUPATI is a collaborative venture between public and private stakeholders united to provide accessible educational resources to patients and their representatives for greater patient involvement in the research and development of innovative medicines. This scholarship investment is exemplary of the commitment shown by Ora and FindMeCure to advancing patient-centric research accessibility.

“We are very excited to join forces with Ora," stated Maya Zlatanova, CEO at TrialHub. "Through a shared vision, our partnership concentrates on conducting trials centred around patients and optimising the trial planning process. At the heart of our joint efforts lies a deep commitment to patient-centricity."
Maya Zlatanova
CEO at FindMeCure

This contribution and collaboration highlight the crucial importance of patient education and practicality in propelling medical research and development forward. Through equipping patient advocates with essential tools and knowledge, Ora, together with FindMeCure and EUPATI, is establishing a new benchmark for patient involvement and participation in the healthcare sector.

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