Data-Driven Clinical CRO OPIS Research Leverages Medical and Scientific Experience Together With TrialHub’s Advanced Analytics to Support Clinical Trial Sponsors

OPIS, a full-service internationally operating clinical research organization, and FindMeCure Ltd, a technology company based in the UK, have established a strategic partnership. The CRO has incorporated FindMeCure’s TrialHub – an advanced data intelligence platform – into their feasibility process in order to boost their capacity to support clinical research.

OPIS, founded in 1998 in Italy, is a data-driven full-service CRO dedicated to providing premium trial management for multi-country clinical trials. OPIS rely not only on their sound 24-year experience in the industry but also on state-of-the-art information technology solutions and innovative approaches to the increasing complexity of current projects. 

In their feasibility process, on top of their know-how and expertise, OPIS relies on TrialHub – FindMeCure’s answer to the industry challenge of data inaccuracy and insufficiency. With real-time data from 80 000 sources and state-of-the-art analytics, TrialHub not only presents the most accurate overview of the clinical research landscape in 70 countries but innovates the way clinical trials are planned.  

The two companies are united by the belief that clinical trials, particularly those incorporating scientific and methodological innovation, can significantly contribute to medical progress and a better quality of life for all.

“Our goal is to perform feasibility and site selection in the most effective and quality way to prevent delays and ensure smooth clinical trial operations at a best-in-class level. Therefore, we decided to partner up with FindMeCure and their TrialHub.”

OPIS’s experience and expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas combined with TrialHub’s detailed data and insights help the CRO speed up clinical trial feasibility and present pharma, biotechnology, and medical device companies with robust strategies for their clinical trials.

“OPIS stands out with their eye for detail and care for their clients. The first time we had a conversation about their needs, we immediately identified their drive to be transparent with their clients and run their clinical trials in the most fitting way. Since day one we’ve been closely working with their team to make sure they get the most accurate data about the clinical trial landscape in a format that can help them build a sound clinical trial strategy”, said Maya Zlatanova, CEO of FindMeCure. 

TrialHub is a data intelligence platform that helps industry professionals design clinical trials that stay on budget and recruit on time. By optimizing clinical trial feasibility, TrialHub furthers FindMeCure’s mission of bringing research closer to patients.

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