As Covid-19 poses a global threat, companies open-source their products to help fight the pandemic

We have to work together to beat the Covid-19 pandemic that threatens lives and healthcare systems around the globe. The #StayAtHome approach is only one side of the solution that we can all take part in. The other? Not counting dollars right now and making Give First the foundation of our efforts. 

Stake-holders across the pharma industry and tech companies with various expertise are linking arms to help relieve the Covid-19 burden. From drug-makers like Merck & Co., Eli Lilly and Pfizer launching volunteer programs for their medical staff to support the healthcare system to James Dyson taking his company from making vacuum cleaners and hand dryers to making medical ventilators – many companies are contributing to this fight with what they have. Medtronic is sharing the design specifications for the Puritan Bennett™ 560 (PB 560) to enable rapid ventilator manufacturing. Even car manufacturer Tesla is building much-needed ventilators for Covid-19 patients out of car parts.

Recently our friends from Zymewire started the initiative Covid Collaborators as an all-in-one-place to find providers offering their services for free or at a significant discount during the Covid-19 crisis to help the industry achieve one goal: fight the pandemic. We are so happy to be on their list of collaborators and share our clinical research intelligence for free to not only further the search for Covid-19 treatments but also help clinical trials stay on track. 

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