AICROS Partners with TrialHub to Accelerate Study Feasibility

a quote from the president of a mid-size clinical research organization - AICROS, decribing the benefit of using TrialHub

AICROS Partners with TrialHub to Accelerate Study Feasibility

London, February 27th — AICROS, an Association of mid-size Clinical Research
Organizations based in Germany, announces an innovative partnership with FindMeCure‘s TrialHub. A pioneering platform designed for pre- mortem analysis, which involves identifying and mitigating potential patient recruitment challenges and risks before they impact clinical trial execution. Focusing on proactive rather than reactive clinical trial planning. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in enhancing clinical research methodologies and patient experiences across the globe. The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, underscored by the critical role of clinical research in advancing medical discoveries and improving patient care. AICROS is at the forefront of this evolution, committing to excellence and innovation in clinical trials. Partnering with TrialHub, AICROS aims to leverage sophisticated data intelligence tools and patient-centered solutions to optimize clinical trial planning and boost patient
recruitment strategies.

Through TrialHub, AICROS has gained quick access to a global overview of historical recruitment information and intuitive interfaces, enabling streamlined communication with excellent visual outputs. Additionally, TrialHub provides AICROS with access to site-level information, cross-links
to recognized clinical trial databases, and insights into the standard of care across several countries. The platform’s support for end-users, including training and assistance with system queries, has been invaluable, allowing for a seamless integration into AICROS’s workflow.

Andreas Beust, President of AICROS, is excited about the opportunities this collaboration holds:

“As an organization with members across the globe, all striving to provide our clients with the most suitable selection of countries for their specific trial, it is an absolute game-changer to swiftly be able to identify the best countries, considering historic recruitment rates, competing trials, incidence rates and standard of care. This helps us provide an even greater value for our clients, and makes sure we get aware of regions where patients may benefit most from performing clinical trials. With TrialHub, we are able to react faster to requests, and maintain a better 
oversight of potential competition for our ongoing projects.”
By facilitating accelerated study feasibility and automating the process of country feasibility, TrialHub has significantly reduced the time required for decision-making on country selection. This efficiency boost has enabled AICROS to focus more on engaging with local stakeholders and gathering critical hands-on feedback for trial execution, enhancing the quality of
proposals and the adequacy of offers for sponsors.

Maya Zlatanova, CEO at TrialHub, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership: 
“We are excited to collaborate with AICROS. Our joint efforts will push the boundaries of clinical research, keeping patients at the heart of every decision. We anticipate that our collaboration will streamline operational processes, reduce expenditures, and, most importantly, enhance patient outcomes.”


The Association of International CROs (AICROS) is an organization founded in 2013 by like-minded CROs that combines speed, flexibility and customer focus of small to mid-sized CROs with the global reach that clinical projects often require. With common quality standards, trainings, regular meetings across all members and more than a decade of close collaboration, AICROS members are more then vendors to each other – they are long-term partners and friends. Our clients benefit from the full- service range and local / regional regulatory familiarity we can offer, without needing to go to large, global CROs. Due to our size, we can outperform global competitors on speed and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining an atmosphere of complete commitment of our team members to the projects of our clients. Find out how AICROS can be the solution to your global clinical trial at
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