TrialHub Empowers EmVenio to Identify New Trial Sites and Expand Access to Research

emvenio research and thier success story with trialhub

Underrepresentation in clinical trials presents not just an ethical but also a medical issue. Yet, diverse patient populations can be hard to reach without the data needed to locate them, understand their unmet needs and remove the barriers to participation. TrialHub represents a new way of conducting feasibility, one that helps organizations involved in the planning of clinical trials to design study strategies that begin with the patient as the ultimate stakeholder.

The client

EmVenio Research provides rapid and scalable mobile Community Research Site solutions to better reach and recruit diverse, underserved, and high-risk communities. EmVenio is committed to delivering strong clinical research services that aim to lessen the burden on patients, while also enhancing patient recruitment and retention efforts.

The challenge

EmVenio Research received an RFP for a phase 3 multisite global COPD study with 5,000 patients. EmVenio was specifically tasked with selecting the mobile clinics for the US only portion which aimed to improve diversity and recruitment rates.

The approach

TrialHub is an NLP and AI-powered data intelligence platform dedicated to empowering clinical trial strategists with real-time insights on patients, sites, competition, and regulations.

In order to propose sites for the US portion, EmVenio utilized TrialHub’s prevalence and incidence data which helped them locate clusters of patients with the indication. Based on this data, EmVenio was able to identify 5 sites that could serve these patient populations. To further assess the sites’ capacity and take into account competing trials, EmVenio relied on TrialHub’s average recruitment rate and competition analysis. EmVenio’s internal network of PIs additionally supported the site selection process.

The outcome

Owing to TrialHub’s rich, pre-validated and pre-qualified data and EmVenio’s expertise in reaching remote patient communities and providing convenient access to research, 5 trial sites were identified for the US portion, which met the protocol requirements.

Whereas previously arduous manual research made site selection a lengthy process, with TrialHub EmVenio accessed the necessary data in just a few clicks, leaving adequate time for strategic planning and discussion. Overall, TrialHub helped EmVenio reduce time spent on RFPs by 15%.

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