Navigating Neurology Trials: How Avance Clinical Achieved Success with TrialHub’s Precise Recruitment Rate Assessments

Navigating Neurology Trials:
How Avance Clinical Achieved Success
with TrialHub's Precise Recruitment Rate Assessments


The shift towards personalized medicine in clinical research demands an increasingly sophisticated approach to trial planning and execution. Avance Clinical, a full-service, biotech-focused contract research organization (CRO) with a rich history of therapeutic expertise, faced a unique challenge when bidding for three Phase I and Phase II clinical trials in neurology sub-specialties. Utilizing TrialHub’s sophisticated data assessment capabilities, Avance embarked on a journey to demonstrate unparalleled precision in clinical trial feasibility and planning.


The challenge arose when the sponsor informed Avance Clinical that they had received information suggesting that these patient populations could be recruited in a very aggressive time period. Given Avance’s understanding of this patient population and their access to TrialHub’s platform, Avance Clinical wanted to verify this further.  The task was to convincingly demonstrate the value and accuracy of Avance Clinical’s proposal, which necessitated a deeper dive into the specific requirements of the trial, particularly concerning a specialist imaging procedure as a secondary objective.


Preparation for the pivotal meeting with the sponsor involved a meticulous demonstration of how TrialHub’s platform was utilized to get to these performance estimates:

Initial Broad Search: Avance’s feasibility team, leveraging their therapeutic expertise, began with a broad search in the relevant therapeutic area, gradually narrowing down to the neurology sub-specialties.

Refinement with TrialHub: The defining moment came when utilizing TrialHub’s advanced filters to conduct a targeted search centered around a critical trial objective involving a specialist imaging procedure. The depth of analysis proved to be crucial, highlighting a significant disparity in recruitment rate estimations. Avance effectively showcased to the sponsor how similar previous clinical trials requiring this specialist imaging technique experienced notably lower recruitment rates and overall performance, thus marking the point where the recruitment rate predictions of the two competing proposals diverged.    

“In this specific case, searching broad therapeutic areas and sub-specialties was not adequate to model realistic scenarios. It was that additional layer of granular detail that was required to provide an accurate feasibility response and proposal and resulted in Avance being offered to partner with the client on their exciting clinical trials. 
Annie Roten
Manager, Strategic Site Solutions at Avance Clinical

Expertise in Action: A therapeutically experienced Site Feasibility Specialist from Avance Clinical conducted the search, showcasing the synergy between TrialHub’s technological prowess and Avance’s internal capabilities. This specialist not only utilized TrialHub for detailed analysis but also applied their therapeutic and deep scientific knowledge to review protocols, understand client studies and deliver highly accurate study performance estimates.


This case epitomizes the impact of integrating sophisticated data analysis tools with internal therapeutic expertise, significantly increasing a proposal’s success rate. 

"The sophistication of the TrialHub platform to start wide and really draw down into the most relevant aspects of a search is an extremely powerful tool for our business as it enables us to have realistic conversations with our clients." 
Annie Roten
Manager, Strategic Site Solutions at Avance Clinical

This case study not only reflects the successful application of precision medicine principles to clinical trial feasibility but also underscores the value of combining data intelligent tools with therapeutic expertise. The ability to delve into specific protocol requirements, such as a specialist imaging procedure in this instance, provided Avance Clinical with a competitive edge, demonstrating the potential for TrialHub to revolutionize client proposals.


The collaboration between Avance Clinical and TrialHub has redefined the standards for clinical trial proposals, emphasizing the necessity of precision in the feasibility process. This success story not only solidifies Avance Clinical’s position as the leading CRO for biotechs but also demonstrates the transformative potential of TrialHub’s data intelligence capabilities in the era of personalized medicine.

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