Highly Specialized Data in No Time: How Bionical Emas Assessed Risk Around a Pandemic-Time Trial

Bionical Emas is a CRO on a mission to deliver a unique, seamless approach to clinical research and move drug development and access to medicine forward.

They have a lot of experience in a range of complex clinical trials and indications. Still, when the patient cohort is very specific, they need additional and specialized information to access patient groups.

To add urgency to the matter, the quick proposal turnaround times often requested by clients mean that information is needed ASAP. The feasibility team is not always able to collect as much precise information as they need to craft a robust proposal in such a short timeline.

The challenge

For one of the proposals they were working on the company needed detailed information on the COVID-19 impact on the target patient group – something data alone couldn’t provide. To get insights beyond what raw data could offer, they turned to TrialHub’s network of country advisors.

The approach

TrialHub combines the most modern data analytic techniques with insights from local advisors. Our vast network includes experts in start-up timelines, regulations, and patients who are able to provide highly specific insights via reports that data alone can’t offer.

To support their risks and mitigations discussion around setting up this trial in a pandemic environment, Bionical Emas requested a country report detailing the local COVID-19 impact.

In response, TrialHub’s country expert identified that there had been a significant increase in the average mortality rates in the target patient group since the start of the pandemic.

Following discussions with surgeons it was found that because they were limited to operating on only the most urgent cases during the pandemic, patients tended to be sicker and therefore more likely to not survive the surgery. 

The outcome

Bionical Emas was able to gather accurate data and highly detailed local insights within the time frame requested by the Sponsor. 

“The information included in the country intelligence reports has often provided us with supplemental information that supported and enhanced our discussions within the proposal and allowed us to provide more complete considerations for the Sponsor.”, a Bionical Emas representative said.

The company has won a significant number of projects since partnering up with TrialHub and reduced the time it takes them to design a robust strategy by 30%.

TrialHub and Bionical Emas share the vision of bringing new medicines to patients faster by challenging the norm of how clinical trials are planned and run.  

If you are wondering how we tackled data inaccuracy so that you don’t have to worry about it, check out our origin story. TrialHub was created to lift the burden of manual research off your shoulders and help you focus on strategic decisions instead.  

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