17 Virtual Clinical Trial Providers to Partner up With

Virtual clinical trial providers are your must-partners for any decentralized trial or contingency plan. In March 2020 the FDA encouraged sponsors to assess alternative methods for keeping their trials on track within the existing limitations under Covid-19 quarantine. Remote/virtual trials are no longer just a convenient way to shorten timelines and reduce costs but a rescue solution to ongoing clinical trials. From recruiting participants to designing their virtual experience, remote trial providers and technology can save your data and your budget. 

Curavit Clinical Research

Curavit is a clinical trial enterprise that provides Decentralized clinical trial execution through their telehealth and clinical trial technology platforms so that patients can be reached directly at their homes. 


This technology provider helps you virtualize your clinical trials. Rave Virtual Trials is an intuitive, web-based application that serves as the patient-facing interface for virtual trials and hybrid studies. Their goal is to deliver a patient-centric experience while at the same time lowering trial costs and helping you capture and manage data. 

Thread Research

Thread helps sponsors and CROs to remotely capture data from participants and sites during, in between and in lieu of in-clinic visits through a unified platform. Their features include eConsent, eCOA/ePRO, Telehealth, Sensors, Surveys, Site Data Capture and more solutions to help you access patient records and conduct Virtual Visits. 

Halo Health Systems

Halo Health is another technology provider that can help you virtualize your trial. Their solution includes Remote monitoring of patient vitals, Automated drug delivery and drug adherence, Patient engagement for drug adherence and feedback, HIPAA compliance and Integrated safety monitoring.

If you are planning a decentralized clinical trial, you need to be aware of the most current guidelines and regulations in your target countries. You can find out what they are in our 2022 Report on Decentralized Clinical Trial Regulations


The global company prioritizes the patient experience in clinical trials and one of their top priorities is being close to the patients. To support research during the pandemic Croprime has launched a new system of conducting clinical trials, allowing completely remote or hybrid studies. Their new advancements include telemedicine, remote monitoring, digital solutions for data collection, entry, and transmission as well as upgraded personal communication devices.


ICON is a CRO with a global network of offices in 40 countries. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, ICON emphasizes their remote trial solutions and services that will support you to keep your clinical trial on track. They provide Direct to patient support, In-home and Alternative Site Clinical Services and remote monitoring.

IQVIA Virtual Trials

This CRO is dedicated to helping you bring the study to the patients by offering 100% remote or hybrid approaches. Their Study Hub offers Telemedicine with up to five participants, Patient eDiaries and questionnaires, Intelligent workflow enabling better collaboration and helps your team Upload medical records and visit documents, Collaborate across key stakeholders and systems, Securely track IMP/lab kits shipped directly to patients. It’s available as a mobile app in multiple languages. 

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PRA Health 

PRA helps you design virtual trials by providing solutions like wearables, eConsent, virtual visits and videotelephony. Their virtual platform makes it possible to conduct a fully remote study or a hybrid study. 


This CRO’s approach blends a global patient support ecosystem with technology to allow patients to participate in clinical research remotely. Their solutions are designed around the patient and include eCOA, wearables and devices and make virtual screening and data collection easier. 


Parexel is another CRO that acknowledges the need for direct-to-patient clinical trials. To support virtual trials, their solutions include home nursing, remote data collection, direct-to-patient shipments of drugs, sample kits, and medical devices. Another option to explore is their patient transportation support.  

Science 37 

This Centralized Site allows for virtual participation thanks to their platform NORA that brings research to patients in their homes through telemedicine. Science 37 believe that distance means limits, which we all can acknowledge now that patients are mostly quarantined at home. 


Medable is a technology provider that promises to reduce timelines by 50% through their digital platform that connects participants, sites and clinical trial teams. They believe that Covid-19 is driving the immediate need for global telemedicine and want to help you start or transition your trial to virtual. 


Lightship is a provider of direct-to-patient solutions that engage patients in their homes from recruitment through completion of the trial. 


Virtrial provides solutions to sites, sponsors and CROs to help them retain patients through virtual visits. They have built their platform to accommodate a site perspective and they support sites by offering an easy to implement immediate solution. 


Clinpal was purpose-built for remote (virtual), hybrid, and direct-to-patient studies. Their platform was used in the first virtual study in Europe (VERKKO), proving the concept, process, and methodology of direct-to-patient remote trials. They offer end-to-end study support, from recruitment and engagement to EDC+ and data management. 


This software enables integration of patient-generated data via mobile devices, remote biometrics, and digital health tools in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Their services include Remote biometric device support, Electronic clinical outcome assessments and real-world data platform for clinical studies. 


ObvioHealth’s platform allows for completely siteless or hybrid studies incorporating more traditional approaches. They offer help with digital recruitment as well as virtual end-to-end studies or site coordination for seamless integration of clinical visits.   

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