9 Telehealth and Remote Nursing Solutions for Your Virtual Clinical Trial

Telehealth is another solution in our hub of resources that used to be a matter of convenience before the Covid-19 crisis but turned into one of the primary means of accessing healthcare. To keep your clinical trial on track and provide the patients who rely on you with the best possible care, Telehealth services are more than nice to consider.

Health Guide

Health Guide responds to the Covid-19 crisis by providing Free Coronavirus Telehealth Assessment. Upon completing the assessment, patients can get connected to a doctor if appropriate for a free video consultation.

The Uniretsity of Arizona

The Arizona Telemedicine Program has a directory of service providers for healthcare decision-makers. You can start searching for Telemedicine and Telehealth providers by selecting a state or a type of Tele-service or Ancillary service.

Valley Health

Valley Health is a Telehealth service provider that also shows commitment to fight the pandemic by offering Covid-19 assessment. Their regular services include behavioral health, MAT, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Their locations are in West Virginia.

Teladoc Health

Teladoc upholds their commitment to providing virtual care to patients around the world especially during the Covid-19 epidemic. They offer online evaluation for coronavirus on top of their usual services which include Telehealth and Integrated virtual care.

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A solution provided by ClinOne, ClinTrialConnect is geard towards patients interested in clinical trial participation. The platform offers secure means for communication between patients in clinical trials and their doctors and family members. ClinTrialConnect Knowledge Base provides access for patients and their families to important information about their disease, study details, and frequently asked questions, significantly reducing administrative time on research sites.


Among the services provided by Comarch is remote nursing. A number of health parameters are monitored and rescue workers are immediately contacted when parameters for vital signs reach a level that triggers an automatic alarm or when the SOS button is pressed.


This telehealth platform provides remote nursing with services geared towards healthcare professionals. Allowing nurses to make use of technology to monitor patients and provide support from a distance remote nursing leaves no patient unattended.


snapIoT would like to share with Sponsors and CROs their Telemedicine module and other solutions to continue operations in a decentralized capacity. Their Telemedicine solution supports patient-centric elements such as eConsent, Remote Assessments, Scheduling Visits, Screen Sharing, Chat Messages.

Resolut Nursing Solutions

This provider offers Video Visits to bring the office to the patient without the risk of exposure to germs and viruses in the waiting room. Their services include remote monitoring to watch blood pressure, blood glucose, weight and more indicators.

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