Patient Inclusion Advocacy: Advanced Clinical collaborates with EUPATI in empowering patient education, by partnering with FindMeCure’s TrialHub

Advanced Clinical, coorporates with FindMeCure to give a single full scholarship to EUPATI for patient expert training program.

Patient Inclusion Advocacy: Advanced Clinical collaborates with EUPATI in empowering patient education, by partnering with FindMeCure’s TrialHub

In a patient-centric collaboration, Advanced Clinical has joined forces with the European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) and FindMeCure, by utilizing the latter’s data-intelligent feasibility platform, TrialHub. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to enhancing patient involvement in clinical research, through the donation of a full scholarship for one patient
advocate to participate in the EUPATI Expert Training Course. This initiative is a testament to the collective vision of making patient-centric healthcare a reality, ensuring patients can contribute knowledgeably to clinical trial decision-making processes.

Advanced Clinical is a clinical development and strategic resourcing organization committed to providing a better clinical experience across the drug development journey. Advanced Clinical’s goal is to improve the lives of all those touched by clinical research – approaching each opportunity with foresight, character, resilience and innovation. Based on decades of experience, Advanced Clinical helps clients achieve better outcomes by conducting candid conversations and anticipating potential issues through customized solutions.

"This donation and partnership with EUPATI and FindMeCure through their TrialHub platform reflect Advanced Clinical’s mission to improve patient lives. We are all a patient and caregiver throughout our life; ensuring education around clinical trial options and process empowers us as individuals and as an industry."
Donna Hanson
Vice President, Strategy and Optimization from Advanced Clinical
The EUPATI Expert Training Course offers an unparalleled opportunity for patient advocates to gain expert-level training in medicines research and development. Launched in September 2014, the program combines online and face-to-face education, empowering participants with comprehensive knowledge about the medicines development process. This initiative is a crucial step in EUPATI’s mission to develop educational materials and training courses that enhance the understanding of therapeutic innovation among patient representatives and the public.
Like Advanced Clinical and EUPATI, FindMeCure embodies the ‘patients first’ philosophy, aiming to bridge the gap between clinical research and patients. Their mission is to simplify access to trials and empower the planning of patient-centric clinical trials through their data intelligence
platform – TrialHub.

This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of a more patient – centric approach to clinical research. By aligning the goals of Advanced Clinical, EUPATI, and FindMeCure, this initiative promises to make significant strides in patient education, feasibility, and advocacy, ensuring that the voices of those most affected by clinical research are heard and valued.
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