Pancreatic Cancer: Sites and Investigators

At TrialHub we identified 5776 organizations that have been working on clinical trials for pancreatic cancer. You can see on the map how they are distributed. 5281 of them have had at least one study focused on treatment.

In red we have highlighted the ones that are currently working on trials in Pancreatic Cancer:

When it comes to organizations that are currently not involved with studies in this indication, out of 2601 we have identified 966.

This is the list of the most experienced organizations in pancreatic cancer research in the countries with the highest number of trials per million people:

Institut Jules Bordet, Belgium

National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore

Herlev Hospital – University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark

Universitätsspital Zürich, Switzerland

Rambam Health Centre, Israel

There are also a lot of investigators with a background in pancreatic cancer research as well as Key Opinion Leaders in almost all countries where studies have been conducted.

At TrialHub we identified 5,415 such investigators. 4,415 of them have experience in trials focused on treatment. 1,364 investigators have worked on Phase 1 and Phase 1/2 studies.

If you want to see the top 10 investigators who have worked on pancreatic cancer clinical trials, as well as more information about the past experience of the countries and trials’ performance, you can download the Full Feasibility Report below.

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TrialHub is a feasibility intelligence platform that supports feasibility, startup, patient recruitment and clinical project managers with a 360-degree overview of the clinical research landscape in order to plan successful and on-time clinical trials. 

TrialHub does this by aggregating thousands of data sources in real-time and combining them with local experts’ insights. 

The data provided in this article is gathered in November 2020 and is based on 17 clinical trial registries ( etc.) and analytics about thousands of clinical trials. 

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