Metastatic Breast Cancer: Sites and Investigators

There was and still is quite a lot of metastatic breast cancer research leading to a large number of investigators and sites with experience in conducting clinical trials in the indication. 

Of course, most of them are not only doing studies in metastatic breast cancer but rather covering everything related to breast cancer. Depending on the scope of the study there are also a variety of specialists involved in the research. This depends also on the standard of care in a given country and the patient pathway. 

Looking at TrialHub we can identify a total of 6314 metastatic breast cancer trial sites that have worked on the indication in the past 3 years. 

Here is a map showing how they are distributed geographically:

On the map, we can see at first glance that there are regions where there isn’t much research going on. These regions are quite underserved which might mean investigators with less experience. 

On the other hand, it could also translate to a great opportunity to work with a research-naive patient population that might be more motivated to participate in your study.

If you want to have a complete overview of the global clinical research landscape in metastatic breast cancer, you can download your Full Feasibility Report by just entering your email:

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Yet, let’s not forget that there are quite a lot of ongoing clinical trials covering patients with metastatic breast cancer. On the next map, you can see the sites that are currently involved with such studies. 

The top 10  sites with the most completed clinical trials in metastatic breast cancer worldwide for the past 3 years are:

  1. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA USA
  2. MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA
  3. Michigan Cancer Research Consortium CCOP, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  4. Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels, Belgium
  5. Carle Cancer Center, Urbana, Illinois, USA
  6. Hospital Vall d Hebron, Barcelona, Spain 
  7. CCOP – Duluth, Duluth, Minnesota, USA
  8. CCOP – Missouri Valley Cancer Consortium, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
  9. Texas Oncology-Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, Dallas, Texas
  10. Siouxland Hematology-Oncology Associates, LLP, Sioux City, Iowa, USA

We have also identified 3092 investigators with experience in metastatic breast cancer. Get your Full Feasibility Report to find out more. 

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TrialHub is a feasibility intelligence platform that provides biotech and CRO companies with a 360-degree overview of the clinical research landscape. The platform aggregates thousands of data sources in real-time and combines them with local experts’ insights. 

The data provided in this article is gathered on 21 October 2020 and is based on 17 clinical trial registries (, etc.) and analytics about thousands of clinical trials. 

If you want an up-to-date and/or customized feasibility for metastatic breast cancer or need an assessment about a different indication or TA, reach out to us:

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