List of Health Ride Services for Your Virtual Clinical Trial

Transporting patients to and from appointments is not only a good way to avoid health risks in a time of a pandemic but also a clever solution to reach populations that otherwise could not participate in clinical trials. Whether because the site is inconvenient for them or because they’re immobilized or need assistance, these patients are more likely to consider participation if transportation is taken care of.

Lyft Business

Lyft provides “the quickest route to healthy” with many organisations relying on its services to transport their patients to healthcare appointments.

Uber Health

Uber is another rideshare company that offers its services to healthcare organisations by transporting patients to and from appointments. Designated pickup spots allow Uber to pick-up patients even from large hospital campuses that share one street address. Another one of their new features makes it easy for healthcare providers to message the drivers in-platform.

Services are available in: USA, Canada, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the E.U.

Continuum Clinical

Continuum Clinical is a patient recruitment provider that partners with Lyft to eliminate barriers to study participation. USA, UK, Israel.

ClinOne & Uber

ClinOne provides a single, unified central clinical trial operating system between sponsors, research sites and patients in order to accelerate clinical trials. The company partners with Uber Health to make it easier for patients to access trials by providing transportation to appointments.


Veyo is a patient transportation service. Their Covid-19 policy requires patients to cancel their ride if they experience symptoms, have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who has. The NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) provider incorporates a flexible fleet model to meet demand changes so that every patient can get picked up on time.


MedTrans is a NEMT service that provides transportation to patients in 14 states.

Ride Health

Based in New York, this transportation service offers an end-to-end platform that coordinates the entire ride experience from request intake and trip assignment through billing and payment. A care coordinator can schedule a ride in advance and the platform will match the patient to the right vehicle according to the clinical use.

ERS Medical

ERS provides non-emergency medical transportation to the NHS and the wider healthcare sector across the UK. They also offer medical courier services and their staff includes paramedics, technicians and nurses.

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