Introducing: The 360-degree Knowledge Hub for Clinical Research

TrialHub introduces a 360-degree knowledge hub for clinical research, for conducting clinical trials, for pharma and biotech and cro

The clinical research landscape is on the brink of an exhilarating transformation. As we stand at this technological juncture, we proudly introduce TrialHub – not just a tool, but a process that promises to redefine the way we understand clinical trial feasibility.

Unlock Fast and Accurate Insights:

The need for accurate, real-world data is at the heart of every decision when planning and executing a clinical trial. But what if you had a tool that went beyond mere data retrieval? TrialHub’s technology isn’t just revolutionary; it’s transformative. At the heart of TrialHub lies the IQ – The Intelligent Query tool, a natural language interface powered by AI technologies. You can pose a question, and in a matter of seconds, information from verified medical guidelines and renowned publications like PubMed is retrieved. Instead of digging through data manually for hours, you receive a synthesized answer curated to address the query precisely. You also receive the sources that were used to develop the answer and additional suggested questions to continue your search. From 20 million peer-reviewed PubMed articles, 2,000 medical guidelines, and 80,000 sources – generating insights in seconds. It’s as if you’re having a conversation with the entire scientific community, ensuring every decision you make is grounded in robust evidence.

Achieve Recruitment and Retention Success:

Understanding your patients is the cornerstone of successful clinical research. With TrialHub, you’re not just accessing traditional feasibility metrics, such as site and country selection. You’re able to design patient-centric clinical trials, by using patient feasibility. A 360-degree feasibility.  You’re equipped to see the patient journey in its entirety through both country and site feasibility, combined with the groundbreaking patient feasibility – which intricately details standards of care, patient pathways, and more. This ensures successful recruitment and a retention strategy built on deep patient empathy and understanding. As well as a deep understanding of the local Standard of Care in 80+ countries. Let us not forget that TrialHub has a network of medical professionals that equally contribute to the understanding of the ecosystem – as there are things that data alone can not give. You will be able to receive custom-made reports with specific insights to your queries based on indication, location, or drug. 

Harness The Power of Your Own Data:

With TrialHub, you’re not limited to external sources; you’re empowered to utilize your own perpetual data. Imagine the precision when proprietary knowledge meets our advanced search engine capabilities. By securely uploading your data, which will remain accessible only to you, the IQ will analyze patterns, trends, and correlations specific to your own history and experiences. Incorporating it with TrialHub’s existing data will provide you with insights that are uniquely tailored and relevant to your specific needs. Take that edge. 

Lastly, TrialHub gives you all this in one single platform. It is more than easy and intuitive to use. With every step of your journey, our team of experts will empower you to plan successful clinical trials for patient-centric healthcare. 

Welcome to the future, powered by TrialHub.

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