23 Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitoring patients remotely is now even more important. As site visits are postponed due to Covid-19, being aware of your patients’ vitals is only possible through the use of technology. If you are planning on taking your trial virtual or remote, you might be considering patient monitoring solutions. We composed a list of platforms and devices geared towards healthcare providers but designed with the patient in mind to help you find the best option for your trial.    


Interactive patient monitoring platforms are among the solutions Medtronic offers to healthcare professionals. Their patient-facing platforms are easy to use on a tablet, iOS or an Android device. On their website, you will also find a Covid-19 virtual care evaluation and monitoring service.  


The OnePulse smartwatch by AT&T is a medical wearable that transmits critical medical and health data to the cloud to allow clinicians to monitor the patient’s status and well-being. 


Resideo has developed some patient monitoring options that allow medical professionals to provide affordable remote solutions. Their devices include Genesis DM and Genesis Touch. 


VRI solutions help doctors monitor their patients’ vitals. From chronic disease management to help with adherence to medication protocols, VRI’s device enables remote monitoring, adherence engagement, and timely clinical triage.


Developed for diabetes patients, the Dexcom device helps patients, their caregivers and healthcare providers monitor glucose levels. 


The Mitra device is designed to simplify blood collection at-home so that you don’t have to send a nurse to your patients’ homes every time a blood sample is needed. Choose from four different kits for remote blood sampling.

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Chronisense Medical

This wearable measures pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, muscle activity, vascular resistance and cardiac output. Their multi-parametric data can track disease progression and remission in many conditions such as COPD, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, migraine, sleep apnea, etc. The data can be conveyed to any third party via cloud infrastructure.


Cardiomo is a wearable that monitors heart health in real time. The device has a discreet design and it transmits data directly to the healthcare provider and loved ones. It also sends an immediate alert if an issue is detected. 


The monitoring device developed by Neteera is a highly intelligent system that measures micro-movements as well as molecular spectral fingerprints, enabling monitoring the mechanical activity of the heart (BCG) resulting in an accurate ECG equivalent data. 


Among the services offered by Florence is Remote Monitoring in Clinical Trials. Reduce time spent in on-site monitor visits by turning on secure access to your monitors, as well as remote access capabilities for your team.


AiCure is an advanced medication adherence solution powered by artificial intelligence, which visually confirms medication ingestion on any smartphone. IMA aggregates data so you can have access to meaningful clinical insights.

Vivify Health

Vivify Pathways (their Remote Care Platform) offers you a choice between over 90 clinical and engagement pathways you can combine into thousands of programs in order to help you get closer to engaging, guiding, and monitoring your patients remotely. 

Care Innovations

Care Innovations’ remote care management solutions employ not only advanced telehealth technology but also a comprehensive range of data analysis to help healthcare providers get a better perspective into the needs of their patients. 


The mTeleHealth Remote Patient Monitoring System Powered by aTouchAway provides you with a solution to remotely collect, store and report health information anywhere. The wireless mHealth solutions can extend the benefits of patient monitoring to a larger patient population than previously practical. 


Track your patients and deliver interventions quickly and effectively with ConnectVitals. ConnectVitals is a patient monitoring system that provides monitoring devices and HUB console (tablet or medical alert system). Patients use the devices at home and biometric updates are delivered through the online portal or the electronic medical record (EMR).


The remote patient monitoring solution provided by Zanthion uses sensors on the person and in the environment to collect medical and other forms of health data and electronically transmits that information to health care providers. Their platform can also add devices by other manufacturers to help you collect more relevant data. 


FORA’s devices connect to their telehealth system so physicians can access real-time data and monitor a number of conditions like Diabetes, Cardiopulmonary Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension and a number of Chronic Conditions. 


iHelth offers FDA-approved Mobile Health Devices. Their products are easy to use, making it simple to accurately measure, track and share a full range of health vitals with doctors. You will find blood pressure monitors and glucometers to monitor your diabetes or heart disease patients.


Impact is a disease- and device-agnostic solution by Validic that allows you to incorporate multiple devices or vendors into your remote monitoring program. From diabetes and hypertension to COPD and beyond, the Impact platform is designed to manage numerous care programs as well to help you integrate patient-generated data with your workflow. 

100 Plus

100Plus makes it easy to monitor patients in-between visits with their Provider Portal and wearables. The devices offered include Blood Pressure Cuff, Digital Weight Scale, Emergency Watch, and Blood Glucose Monitor that arrive to your patients configured and ready to use. 

current health

Their wearable is worn on the upper arm and is an all-in-one wireless device that continuously and passively tracks vital signs. The alerting system is based on sustained trends across indicators to reduce alert fatigue. The company also offers educational content, automated phone calls and fully integrated video visits to provide fully virtual care. 


Among the products offered by itransition are applications synchronized with health tracking tools, such as wearables, sensors and medical devices for remote patient monitoring. 


The BioSticker, an FDA-approved device, allows for up to 30 days of continuous vital signs monitoring. Designed for remote data capture, this single-use device is easy to use by the patient as it can be discreetly worn on the upper left chest. You can monitor respiratory rate, heart rate at rest and skin temperature, body position, activity levels, sleep status and symptomatic events.

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Supporting patients and operations remotely could be your plan from the start or a way to stay agile in the dynamic global situation. Choose between 130 providers of wearables, ePRO, eConsent, and other decentralized modalities in The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Trial Vendors.

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